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The Manual for Civilization: a curation of books for our future

The Long Now Foundation has scrambled up the the idea of a reading list. Instead of the typical what we’re reading now list. Or, our favorite summer reads list. They’ve asked us to imagine reading beyond our lifetimes by posing the question: What Books Would You Choose to Restart Civilization? With the the goal of: […]

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Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 15: The Making of Prince of Persia

I didn’t know it at the time, but video games were one of my first exposures to graphic design. The characters, the symbols, the 8-bit graphics, the cover art, all exposed my 8-year old self to graphic design ideas before I even knew what the term graphic design meant. Enter the book The Making of […]

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Favorite Passages: Chicago

All quotes are from: Words Without Music: A Memoir. By Philip Glass The chapter Chicago – expands upon Glass’ time at the University of Chicago. He was accepted there young (15 years old). Despite his age, he adapted to his new surroundings well. His formal education was first class. Primary sources were studied. The faculty […]

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Statesmen and Copywork

Continuing with the copywork exploration. Before he served as the second President of the United States, John Adams was an ambitious young lawyer. To help master the craft of law, he kept a “literary” commonplace book. In it he copied passages of books he admired. But after attending several sessions of the local court, he […]

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Tips to be a better problem solver with 3Blue1Brown

I wish it weren’t true. But as a kid, I hated math. I was that stereotypical third grader who scoffed at his times tables and said, “When will we ever use this when we grow up?” My theory on why many kids have a poor attitude towards mathematics is that we’re subconsciously taught to avoid […]


At Years End: Our 2020 Favorites

The criteria for our 2020 favorites is simple. What media did we revisit multiple times in 2020? Let’s find out. Interview: Art of Manliness podcast #587: How to Get More Pleasure and Fulfillment Out of Your Reading with Professor Alan Jacob and Brett Mckay. This interview rejuvenated my reading life. Here Professor Jacobs presents reading […]

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Four Panel Friday (On Saturday): George Herriman’s Krazy Kat

Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman: A Celebration contains a number of Herriman’s original art pieces. The Krazy Kat strip above, is “cut and stacked”. A layout method used to fit strips into different newspapers. Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman: A Celebration is the best kind of book. It’s the […]

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Favorite Passages: A New Vision of the Mind

From On the Move: A Life. By Oliver Sacks Dr. Sacks describing his meeting with the Noble Prize winning physical chemist Gerald M. Edelman: He then abruptly took his leave, and looking out the window, I could see him walking rapidly down York Avenue, looking to neither side. “That is the walk of a genius, […]

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Four Panel Friday: Wonder Woman pays Superman a Visit

Happy New Year! In the last 10 years, comics have become more literary. They’ve explored deeper aspects of the human condition, similar to the great novels. It’s been a wonderful progression for the form, but its made super hero comics easy to dismiss as frivolous. Sure, super hero books can be shallow fist fight melees. […]

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Typeface Designer Doyald Young’s Personal Reading List

A person’s reading list is revealing. But we tend to associate reading lists with authors, English professors, and self improvement podcasts. So I was surprised when I came across typeface designer Doyald Young’s reading list, by both the number of titles and the content. There was little in the way of design. Young’s list of […]