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Four Panel Friday: Johnny Appleseed

I’m only now starting to dig into Paul Buhle and Noah Van Sciver’s Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed (aka John Chapman) was the original American hipster. He traveled across the United States on foot. He kept a rockin’ beard. And he lived with minimal possessions.

His ideas and legend spread. Not by an instant digital network, but through conversations, tall tales, and the written word.

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The most important rules for a chemist

Label clearly. Measure twice. Eat elsewhere.

The Name of the Wind: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, pg 243. Patrick Rothfuss

In case you’re asked…

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Autumn through the eyes of Cartoonists

I’m on a quest to document Autumn.

These cartoonists helped me out:

This piece came from an Ivan Brunetti exercise in his book Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice.

Hey, a single leaf on a naked tree still counts as Autumn.

The late Richard Thompson is still underrated.

I must be reading the wrong articles because his name isn’t mentioned enough amongst the great cartoonists.

He also cleared up for us why they tie trees up…

From: Cul de Sac: This Exit

Only John Porcellino could’ve captured Thoreau at Walden properly in comic form.

What have these cartoonists taught us?

The place to enjoy Autumn is outside.

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Walt Whitman: Great are the Myths pt.5

Great are yourself and myself,

We are just as good and bad as the oldest and youngest

or any,

What the best and worst did we could do,

What they we not feel it in ourselves?

What they we not wish the same?

Was Walt Whitman a stoic?

Parts of this poem make it seem so. I need to research his biography to learn more.

Follow up soon…

From: Leaves of Grass 150th Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics), pg.156,157

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Batman Uncensored

Notes to Bruce Timm from the Broadcast Standards and Practices (BS&P).

How did Batman the Animated Series ever get on the air?

Excerpt from: Batman Animated, by Paul Dini and Chip Kidd.

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Four Panel Friday: The Explorers Guild Volume 1

The Explorers Guild is unique.

It’s structure, pages of prose intertwined with pages of comics, is a format I’ve never seen before.

Most of the comic’s layouts follow this 4 panel design. Illustrator Rick Ross‘s (No. Not that Rick Ross) draftsmanship scales this restraint, bringing the characters to life. The actions and emotions of the characters are believable, despite the limitations.

Check it out here.

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Walt Whitman: Great are the Myths pt.4

Great are the plunges and throes and triumphs and falls of democracy,

Great the reformers with their lapses and screams,

Great the daring and venture of sailors on new explorations.

A poem for sleepy eyes.

Who are the reformers?

From: Leaves of Grass 150th Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics), pg.156

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Pro-Paul Pogba

Pogba might naturally be tall, powerful, and rangy, but you can find hundreds more across Europe’s top leagues with those attributes. What marked him apart, even as a kid was his work ethic. “I remember telling the group at training one Monday to juggle the ball 50 times with their right foot, 50 times with their left, and 50 times with their head,” recalled another of his coaches at Roissy, Mamadou Papis Magassa. “Paul couldn’t do it. But he spend the next two days with a football, practicing constantly. He came back Wednesday and did it perfectly.”

8by8 Magazine issue 8, All Eyes on Paul. By Paolo Bandini.

How did Nicki Bandini (then Paolo) scoop this tale of Paul Pogba? Can you picture young Paul in the back garden practicing his juggling?

Even the gifted need to put in the work.

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Four Panel Friday: Cascāo verses Capitāo Feio

Some kids have imaginary friends.

Some kids have real friends.

I had Cascāo comics.

During those long days at my grandma’s apartment I could count on Cascāo to get me through the afternoon.

I didn’t understand Portuguese so I let the drawings tell the story.

Comics make great company. They speak every language.

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Walt Whitman’s Great Are the Myths pt.3

Great is today, and beautiful,
It is good to live in this age….there never was any better.

From: Leaves of Grass 150th Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics), pg.156

No better way to celebrate the last day of October than with Walt Whitman.