Borussia Dortmund’s Answer: Jaden Sancho

Lucien Favre has plenty of critics.

They will all be out howling tonight after Dortmund blew a two goal lead to draw with RB Leipzig.

Fine. Howl away, but credit is due.


Jaden Sancho.

I’m not privy to the Dortmund training sessions, but when it comes to Jaden Sancho’s development as a player I suspect it’s more about what Farve doesn’t do.

He doesn’t beat down Jaden. He hasn’t coached the feints or stepovers out of him. It seems like he’s encouraged it.

In what was possibly Dortmund’s biggest match of the season, Farve let Jaden revel in the sheer joy of trying to beat 3 or 4 Leipzig defenders at a time. He let Jaden slot out on the left and play one two’s with RaphaĆ«l Guerreiro, even if the pair didn’t combine to go anywhere. And Jaden’s nutmeg on Konrad Laimer must’ve put a smile on Farve’s face, even though he gave the ball away almost immediately after.

For me, Jaden’s style of play reminds of a young Allen Iverson. The rookie year with Philadelphia Iverson. He plays with audacity for audacity’s sake. He’s Dortmund’s answer to all of the Bundesliga’s questions.

Who’s going to try beat three men off the dribble?

Jaden Sancho.

Who’s going to play no-look slide rule passes into the 18 yard box?

Jaden Sancho.

Who’s going to lift the Meisterschale in spring?

Jaden Sancho.

We hope.

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Diary of a Season: Slavia Prague vs. Borussia Dortmund

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2019-20 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage

Date: 10.02.19

Slavia Prague: 0

Borussia Dortmund: 2

Achraf Hakimi (35′, 89′)

VENUE: Sinobo Stadium