A Streetwear Sensation

The brakes squeal. It’s my stop.

I throw my messenger bag over my shoulder without ripping out my earbuds.


I step towards the sliding double doors. The commuter behind me bites my heels. We all want to get this Friday over with.

But a flash of green and white jagged crests catch my peripheral vision. I hesitate to take another step. I pause. There’s been a sighting.

It’s last year’s streetwear sensation – The Nike Nigeria Stadium home jersey.

The lady wearing it glares. Unsure about my intentions. My mind is buffering, this mustn’t go unnoticed.

I take in the design. The EKG zig-zags. The black, white and green palette. The all black swoosh. The Super Eagles badge.

My earbuds are still popped in so I whisper: “Nice shirt”. Her eyebrows raise but her lips stay straight. She gives me a thumbs up and points to her heart.

I step off the train. My day is made.


World Cup Haikus: Messi Found


Match Day 13.

I should be a football hipster and write a poem on Denmark or something. But damn, Messi’s back.




World Cup Haikus: Super Eagles


Match Day 7

Musa. Musa. Musa.