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Four Panel Friday: Wonder Woman pays Superman a Visit

Happy New Year!

In the last 10 years, comics have become more literary. They’ve explored deeper aspects of the human condition, similar to the great novels.

It’s been a wonderful progression for the form, but its made super hero comics easy to dismiss as frivolous.

Sure, super hero books can be shallow fist fight melees. But they can also be meaningful.

Alex Ross and Mark Waid demonstrate this well as Wonder Woman calls out a graybeard Superman for being a scared, shiftless, ….you get the idea.

From: Kingdom Come

By: Alex Ross, Mark Waid


Ajax – Amsterdam’s Artists


Watching Ajax unravel Juventus in the Champions League second leg quarter final was like watching Bob Ross paint a landscape in real time.

Each Schöne wallpass a brushstroke, each Neres dribble a happy accident. All culminating into a final rendering of football joy.

An encouraging reminder that art, on occasion, can overcome commerce.