World Cup Haikus: I’ll Miss…

Ill Miss

Match Day 24

I already miss my first sips of coffee at kickoff with Jorge Perez-Navarro yelling “It’s soooccccer timeeeeeeee.”

I already miss William Carvalho trotting around Portugal’s midfield with a Ballon d’Or worthy stache’

And I already miss Saturday morning pickup soccer. When the World Cup hums on in the background of our lives, we all play with an extra bit of pep.

World Cup Haikus: Pubbin’


Match Day 21

Only during a World Cup quarter-final can a bunch of drunk strangers in a pub turn into family. Wait, no. They’re still drunk strangers.

Gotta feel for Russian Brazilian thoroughbred colt Mário Fernandes. My man has to be right back of the tourney.


World Cup Haikus: Roberto’s Redemption

Robertos Redemption

Match Day 20

He left Raja home. Started Chadli and Fellaini. Finished Brazil and reached the semifinals.

Ok. Bobby is not Pep Guardiola, but he is guiding Belgium through a memorable summer.

Respect due.

World Cup Haikus: Bits and Pieces


Bits and Pieces


Match Day 18

I’ve been watching this World Cup in chunks. It’s been a mix of late lunch break treadmill jogs, hijacking my brother in-law’s DVR and refreshing ESPN on my phone until the data plan exploded.

I long for summer days, free from responsibility where my mornings and late afternoons were planned around watching matches live.

World Cup Haikus: Podblasts


Match Day 17

We’ve spoken about podcasts before here at F&G. But since then the football podcast universe has expanded like Thanos‘ greed.

The perennial players – The Football Ramble, The Totally Football Show, and others remain. But the Rabona podcast, hosted by Musa Okwonga and Michael Da Silva is like a poetry reading and a pub chat fell in love.

Have a listen!