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Drawing Assignment, Cours de dessin: Eyelids

Inspired by a Van Gogh Museum tweet, I picked up this Cours de dessin book and took off.

I mean, if it worked for Van Gogh…


I’m amazed how a few curved and diagonal lines can render such an intricate part of the human face.

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Drawing Exercises with Peter Han

These exercises are perfect if you’re not sure how to improve your drawing skills.

Peter also provides a practical regimen to follow.

Remember – make mistakes and rack up the mileage.

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Diary of a Season: Slavia Prague vs. Borussia Dortmund

Jaden steams past…

2019-20 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage

Date: 10.02.19

Slavia Prague: 0

Borussia Dortmund: 2

Achraf Hakimi (35′, 89′)

VENUE: Sinobo Stadium

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Notes from The Natural Way to Draw pt.2 : The Way to Learn to Draw

The way to learn to draw is by drawing. People who make art must not merely know about it. For an artist, the important thing is not how much he knows, but how much he can do. A scientist may know all about aeronautics without being able to handle an airplane. It is only by flying that he can develop the senses for flying. If I were asked what one thing more than any other would teach a student how to draw, I should answer, ‘Drawing – incessantly, furiously, painstakingly drawing.’

The Natural Way to Draw, Nicolaïdes, Kimon

An artist must have skin in the game.

The work, the practice of drawing everyday, is the path to improvement.

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Notes from the Natural Way to Draw: Contour Line Drawing

This book is proving helpful. It clarified some techniques for practicing contour line drawing.

First you must convince yourself that the pencil point is touching the model instead of the paper.

Place the point of your pencil on the paper. Imagine that your pencil point is touching the model instead of the paper. Without taking your eyes off the model, wait until you are convinced that the pencil is touching that point on the model upon which your eyes are fastened.

The Natural Way to Draw, Nicolaides, Kimon, pg 9

I always wondered, what do you do when the contour leaves the edge of the object and turns inward?

Often you will find that the contour you are drawing will leave the edge of the figure and turn inside, coming eventually to an apparent end. When this happens, glance down at the paper in order to locate a new starting point. This new starting point should pick up at that point on the edge where the contour turned inward.

The Natural Way to Draw, Nicolaides, Kimon, pg.10

And contours can lie inside the figure as well:

Not all contours lie along the outer edge of the figure. For example, if you have a front view of the face, you will see definite contours along the nose and the mouth which have no apparent connection with the contours at the edge. As far as the time for your study permits, draw these ‘inside contours’ exactly as you draw the outside ones. Draw anything that your pencil can rest on and be guided along. DEVELOP THE ABSOLUTE CONVICTION THAT YOU ARE TOUCHING THE MODEL.

The Natural Way to Draw, Nicolaides, Kimon, pg 10, 11

Helpful reminders. Now, back to drawing.

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Diary of a Season: Borussia Dortmund vs. Werder Bremen

The Captain, Marco Reus

2019-20 German Bundesliga

Date: 9.28.19

Borussia Dortmund: 2

Mario Götze (9′) Marco Reus (41′)

Werder Bremen: 2

Milot Rashica (7′) Marco Friedl (55′)


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The Miracle of Flight

The Wright Bros were geniuses.

Flying is a miracle!

875,000 pounds careening through the air.

Dallas to Orlando in two hours.

Free Biscoff cookies and Sprite.

A miracle!

But flying still gives me the anxieties.

The recipe for peace?

Works every time.

Tray tables up