FC Dallas – Underappreciated Contenders

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Oscar Pareja’s troupe of footballing artisans win with panache, but still aren’t headliners in north Dallas.

It was a night most Texans dream of. Cool, with a breeze from the east. Pleasant even.

Vancouver was in town with FC Dallas looking to clinch first in the west, with a shot at the Supporters Shield.

Yes. The team with the lowest budget, without a DP to its name, could lock up the west and hoist the regular season championship belt.

These are two of the league’s class teams, and it showed. The football was a joy throughout. A fine mix of quick combinations, accurate diagonal balls and slippery #10s (though the Whitecaps version wears #29).

The product? Exquisite. The support? Dismal.

Why wasn’t a butt in every seat? Where were the tifos? Where was the celebration of an excellent football club wrapping up a triumphant season?

It wasn’t there in Toyota Park.

Leaving the stadium I couldn’t help but think this wonderful blend of South American and local talent was underappreciated, taken for granted.

Just another one of the many entertainment and dining options in the metroplex.

It’s a shame, because FC Dallas should be more that.

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