Record Players, Polaroids, and the #9

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Like vintage technologies of yesterday the old-fashioned #9 is back.

Wasn’t long ago the only place you’d find a record player was at a yard sale or thrift store. CDs, and for an even younger generation Ipods left the vinyl scratching table weight irrelevant.

Polaroids the same. The original Instagram, albeit with a 2 minute lull, was the awe of the image capturing world, with visionaries like Andy Warhol lending it artistic credibility.

Who could’ve predicted it’s final demise would come from a seemingly completely different technology – the phone?

Football can be seen through the same lens. Spanish success at club and international levels rewrote the tactical legislation and possession became law.

Coaches across the globe scrambled to copy their law books. Lumping it forward to the big man had become sinful.

Still, the #9 could be found. Not in the green pastures of the starting 11 but rather swinging their legs on the end of benches and scattered about in transfer market bargain bins, often listed under a new name – Plan B.

But the past year has seen a revival of this proud footballing tradition. This back-to-goal forcefield, this net bursting specialist.

The target man of 2015 can play a delicious reverse pass, chip it over a highline, and even defend corners.

But that’s not we’ve missed. We want the Harry Kane hat tricks, the Lewandowski scissor kick purple patches , the O.Giroud flick ons.

We want the penalty box porn star, scoring at will.

Vinyl, polaroids and the big man up front are enjoying a renaissance. But will it continue?

P.S. Big shout out to the retiring Abby Wambach. While the #9 is returning, this legendary #9 is walking away. All the best Abby.

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