Excuse my manners. Drawing with Adam Savage pt. 2

How could I publish a post about Adam Savage’s guide to drawing, but not post any of his drawings?




False testifier!

Please allow me to redeem myself:

finished piece?

Chewbacca’s purse is called a bandolier. Bandoliers exist not only in futures far far away, but in the present day.

From the dictionary:

bandolier / n. a shoulder belt with loops or pockets for cartridges. ORIGIN – from Catalan bandolera (from bandoler ‘bandit’)

Adam’s hand written font in the top left text box stands out. Adding some variety to the lettering transforms a diagram into a near finished piece.

rib caged

The Raven’s ribs are 8 simple curved lines attached to the spine. But a small amount of foreshortening adds depth.

I wonder if Adam added another set of ribs in the final sculpture.

Don’t disregard the notes.


In the skull: HEAD TOOTIGHT!

teen angst

Even his brainstorming sketches have a bit of weight. It’s worth adding shading, even to the quickest doodle.

I’m inspired. Get out and draw today. Or sketch. Or doodle.

Buy Adam’s book – Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It, or check it out at the library. I checked it out twice before finally buying the book.

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