City Witness

Around January of this year I started noticing Jehovah’s Witnesses appear downtown.

They set up on street corners and DART stations. Their plastic magazine racks filled with Watchtowers. Some copies in English. Some copies in Spanish.

I thought they’d be there for a week or two and then disappear.

But instead they kept showing up.


At first I walked past, head down, avoiding eye contact.

But after a month or so I realized they weren’t stopping anyone.

They weren’t trying to stop anyone.

They stand and wave hello and smile. No matter the circumstances or conditions.

They stand in the middle of July, sweat bleeding through their white oxfords.

They stand shivering in October, their cotton skirts sweeping below their kneecaps.

Everyday they stand for something.

Everyday they show up, peacefully, and stand in public for their faith.

I respect that.

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