Arsene Wenger Awakens

Arsene Wenger coaching Bayern Munich?

The possibility has us hyped.

The club fits his personality, prudent and self sufficient. No financial doping here.

But even more than being well run club, coaching Bayern Munich would allow him to restore his reputation as a winner. Certainly a Bundesliga title and Pokal cup would be in reach.

However, his time away from coaching poses the question – What has he learned?

Football in 2019 is led by tactical micromanaging masterminds.

Those who don’t adapt to this new tactical world are devoured. Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus are all led by edge-of-the-frontier managers.

Wenger hasn’t been on the edge of the frontier since 1996.

Can he find his way back?

Lastly, the Bayern Munich job represents a chance. A final opportunity at winning the trophy which has eluded him his entire career – The Champions League.

Bayern’s squad, despite the malaise, has enough talent to make a deep run in the competition, and with a bit of fortune, win it all.

For now Wenger at Bayern is speculation. But if he’s hired, his legacy could be restored.

Football moves fast. At the time of posting this article sources confirmed that Arsene Wenger is not on Bayern’s list of coaching candidates.

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