Blogs Still Exist. Have a Read.

Blogs are still breathing.

The ones listed below have been live for at least 5 or more years. They all post on a near daily basis.

Suggestion: add them to your RSS feed if you still have one. Or don’t.

Marginal Revolution

Author(s): Alex Tabarrok, Tyler Cowen,

Challenges my default beliefs on public policy and economics. Introduces me to disciplines I’d never seek out on my own. The posts are primarily business and economics focused, but Marginal Revolution also acts as a helpful resource for writers.

Austin Kleon

Author: Austin Kleon

Austin blogs on art and writing and parenting. Then he dashes in some posts on music and dabs on a bit of life encouragement. Then he bakes it all together into a tasty content strudel.

His blog doubles as a timeline of his book writing process. You can correlate past posts to passages in his published books. It’s like he’s writing a book for you, in real time, right before your eyes.

Snakes and Ladders

Author: Alan Jacobs

My favorite non football football blog. Alan is the Distinguished Professor of Humanities at Baylor University and the most intelligent modern writer on Christianity I know. Occasionally he’ll post about football. And when he does, his observations on the game are heartfelt and true.


Author: Jason Kottke

A hypnotizing blog.

Jason posts a variety of cool shit. ALL THE TIME. But don’t fear, is organized and well tagged, making searching through it’s archives a rabbit hole of pleasure.

The quick links section is updated constantly and aren’t highlighted in blue or underlined. They look like standard, un-linked paragraphs. A subtle and appealing design touch.

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