Hanif Abdurraqib’s 140 Word John Starks Profile.

What I like about Starks is that he’s willing to fight. He got kicked outta college for stealing some kid’s stereo equipment. Then he went to another college and got kicked out for smoking weed in his dorm room and listening to rap. He worked at a grocery store while averaging eleven points per game at one college, and then went to another. He didn’t even get drafted. Had to work his way up to the NBA through the minor leagues, where they pay you next to nothing. And now, here he is. He’s the quintessential New York player. He has the city’s architecture built directly into his style of play. He endures, and it isn’t romantic. It’s peppered with drugs and theft and jail time. But if there’s a fight to be had, you want him next to you.

Go Ahead in the Rain, The Low End, pg 54.

Can one write a powerful, touching, and insightful player profile in only 140 words? Hanif Abdurraqib can.

Three words from this piece that hang in my mind are:




Be sure to check out Hanif’s archival project 68to05.

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