Economist Bryan Caplan’s message to the world: Be Brave! Learn more!

That’s my theory of his overarching message.

In his latest post Bryan details why, despite the potential blow back, he only writes controversial books:

  1. I want to advance human knowledge. While I have many conventional views, multiple books ably defending these conventional views almost always already exist.
  2. I want to excel in my writing. My greatest intellectual strengths – imagination and iconoclasm – help me create high-quality controversial works. They wouldn’t help me craft conventional works. Probably the opposite, really.
  3. I want to enjoy my work. While I have many conventional views, they rarely excite me. Controversy is fun.
  4. The world is wrong, in the spell of an array of bizarre political religions. As a result, the controversial position is often true despite its unpopularity.
– Bryan Caplan

But it’s not only Bryan’s words, but actions.

This past spring he completed a speaking tour of Eastern Europe during Russia’s invasion.

In the summer he did standup at the Comedy Cellar.

After years of running his own blog, he moved to Substack. And encouraged every other blogger to do so as well.

It all comes back to the same message. Be brave! Learn more!

Stumble around with a new hobby. Move to a new state. Explore a world view you may disagree with. Have more kids!

No risk. No knowledge.

What you’ll learn by being brave will almost always out weigh the fear.

Looking up iconoclasm now…

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