Poetic Notes of Costco by Alex Tabarrok

Venture into a Costco warehouse – a more diverse place than many a university or legislature – and you will see shoppers from all walks of life gathered together in the pursuit of consumer goods. Here, people of various faiths and backgrounds peruse the aisles, in search of the latest giant screen television sets, buckets of ice cream, and rotisserie chickens, treating one another with respect, regardless of their beliefs. The only judgement passed is reserved for those who bump carts or try to skip the line. Upon departing this peaceful and lively consumer’s paradise, some may venture to their respective places of worship, while others linger and indulge in a beverage and a $1.50 hot dog with friends. One family may commemorate a milestone with a baptism, another might celebrate a traditional rite of passage, while still others head to the ballpark in the comfort of their spacious SUVs. And as this diverse tapestry of personal journeys is woven, everyone finds contentment.

Tabarrok, Alex, April 18, 2023, https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2023/04/costco.html

Few would ever join the words Poetic and Costco, but Alex Tabarrok’s Costco notes make it hard to resist. The leading economist kindly reminds us of the diversity of the marketplace.

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