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  • Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 3: Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina Restroom Signage

    I can’t resist hand-painted lettering. A steady hand and brush can enliven any space. Even a restroom hallway. Papa Lopez Cantina understands this. It would’ve been cheaper, and still effective, to slap the old Men and Women restroom signage to the doors. But somebody in the Papa Lopez art department believed in better. Look close. […]

  • Texas

    We’re at odds on all things, but one. I concede. Your fall sunsets are best.

  • At the Office

    Hand painted signs needn’t always be majestic, 8-bit thunderbirds. They can be six, bold, black letters adorning a concrete wall. As the art critic Jerry Saltz says: But for almost its entire history, art has been a verb, something that does things to or for you, that makes things happen. How to be an Artist […]