Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 24: Fiesta Mart

Fiesta Mart began in Houston in 1972. The founders, Donald Bonham and O.C. Mendenhall felt the Mexican American community in Houston was under served.

BOOM! Today there are over 60 Fiesta Marts throughout Texas.

With her parrot mascot and bold font, Fiesta is one of Texas’ most recognizable brands.

The font is what I would call an “in-betweener” (that’s the technical term). It’s not a full serif font. The F and the T have the little feet. But the remaining letters are sans-serif.

Contrast plays an important role here as well. The thick white stroke beneath the red font, pushes the typography forward. Adds depth, and makes the Fiesta logo one of the most unique pieces of graphic design in Texas.

Post Script:

According to Brands of The, the Fiesta Mart logo was designed by an R.Ruiz? But I couldn’t locate a website for him.

Either way, well done R. Ruiz.

One response to “Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 24: Fiesta Mart”

  1. […] Topo Chico’s graphic design set and color palette reflects this. The red cursive lettering and the yellow background indicate the heat. While the white strip laid across the top of the cursive lettering gently cools the tone. Earlier iterations of the white strip was snow capped. This white strip also adds depth and contrast to the font, similar to Fiesta. […]


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