Chile’s Cup of Memories

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At the end of a memorable football tournament wonderful feelings can well up. Feelings similar to the end of summer vacation. Or a best friend moving away. Bitter, sweet. Not all tournaments feel like this. Euro 2004 for example. But Copa America 2015 did. This Copa was special. Like that crush at summer camp. You plan your day around seeing them. You double check the network site for local kick off times. You mentally mark off which matches are must see, and the others you’ll have on in the background while making dinner.

Chile are champions, but also makers of memories. Whether it was a thumb in the bum, or lining up with three center backs, *ahem* three central midfielders in defense for the final. They were a footballing polaroid camera, small, determined winners creating instant feelings of nostalgia.

This was a team of pleasure and wonderful symmetry. A team inspiring the future of the international game. Hopefully her footballing ideals will spread far beyond her shores.

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