Ageless Dani

My treason was tested. Argentina contra Brazil. The final before the final. Afterward, my match notes were all scribbles about Dani Alves.

How at 36, is this man running, harrying, sombrero-ing, and no look passing Brazil into Copa America glory?

What type of protein shakes is he drinking?

What type of ice bath does he run?

Is cross-fit still a thing?

Even as he’s aged, Alves hasn’t restructured his game much. He plays less matches per season, but he’s still the zip-line fullback playing on the wire.

His few appearances last year in PSG’s midfield wasn’t an attempt to move away from the demands of a modern right-back. It was about being team player, because Tuchel’s midfield hard drive was empty.

I’ve learned it’s not wise to judge a man by his instagram account. Dani is no James Milner. But he must be doing push-ups and eating his spinach everyday.

You don’t win 40 trophies without doing so.

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