Light and Power

When’s the last time you learned something new?

But not from the internet. And not from your mama. Or your PHD sister. Or your boss. And not even from a book.

I can’t remember either.

But yesterday I was schooled by a building. By the old Dallas Power & Light Building.


What facts did it share?

– The design inspiration came from the Art Deco movement.

– The sharp angular motifs are Zig Zag Moderne, similar to the Chrysler Building in New York.

– And that when completed, the Dallas Power & Light building was the largest welded steel framed structure in the south.


I’m all set for Art Deco Dallas trivia night.

But then the questions poured in like wet concrete.

Questions like:

What’s art deco?

Who’s Lang and Witchell?

What’s the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs?

And that’s when I knew I’d learned something.

Because in my view, learning is more than collecting facts. It’s about being compelled to ask meaningful questions.

Light and power baby…

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