You’re all setup

Some mornings, in a perfect world, you might wake up, have a coffee, finish meditation, and say, “Okay, today I’m going into the shop to work on a lamp.” This idea comes to you, you can see it, but to accomplish it you need what I call a “setup.” For example, you may need a working shop or a working painting studio. You may need a working music studio. Or a computer room where you can write something. It’s crucial to have a setup, so that, at any given moment, when you get an idea, you have the place and tools to make it happen.

If you don’t have a setup, there are many times when you get the inspiration, the idea, but you have no tools, no place to put it together. And the idea just sits there and festers. Over time, it will go away. You didn’t fulfill it-and that’s just a heartache.

David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish, pg 125

It’s easy to read this David Lynch quote and be discouraged.

A computer room? I’m not a CEO.

Music studio? Ha!

Workshop? I don’t even have a garage.

But be encouraged and remember:

Your setup could be a composition notebook you carry. Or the Pages app on your iPhone.

Maybe it’s the back corner desk, near the history section at the library. It could be the kitchen table after the apple juice and rice is wiped off.

If you do have a workshop, studio, or office, than make use of those places. But if you don’t, use what tools and space you do have.

Then go, go bring your ideas to bear.

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