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  • Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 22: Comic Book Lettering, DC Edition

    Alright. This is the DC comics edition. As I was looking these over, I thought what’s the purpose of comics lettering? My theory is comic book cover lettering needs to “anchor” the cover. It will be the one piece of comic book graphic design that remains the same issue after issue. The cover art will […]

  • Four Panel Friday: Neil Gaiman’s Four Panel Comic to Steve Bissette

    Neil Gaiman’s script work on Sandman is well known. But he also drew comics for fun. Inspired by Steve Bissette’s 24-hour comic day shenanigans, Neil drew a four panel comic about his shades. From – Art of Neil Gaiman: The Story of a Writer with Handwritten Notes, Drawings, Manuscripts, and Personal Photographs By – Hayley […]

  • Four Panel Friday: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

    I heard a theory once that the best superhero movies are the ones where the hero is on screen, in full costume, the least amount of time. The idea being that it’s what’s happening behind the mask that is the most meaningful. I wonder if this theory holds true on the comics page. Bendis’ run […]

  • Four Panel Friday (On Saturday): George Herriman’s Krazy Kat

    Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman: A Celebration contains a number of Herriman’s original art pieces. The Krazy Kat strip above, is “cut and stacked”. A layout method used to fit strips into different newspapers. Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman: A Celebration is the best kind of book. It’s the […]

  • Four Panel Friday: Wonder Woman pays Superman a Visit

    Happy New Year! In the last 10 years, comics have become more literary. They’ve explored deeper aspects of the human condition, similar to the great novels. It’s been a wonderful progression for the form, but its made super hero comics easy to dismiss as frivolous. Sure, super hero books can be shallow fist fight melees. […]

  • Four Panel Friday: Seth. Winter’s Cartoonist.

    Merry Christmas! In my mind each season has a specific cartoonist assigned to it. John Porcellino is fall. None better than John at depicting a walk on a chilly fall day. Bill Watterson is summer. Watterson is an all season cartoonist, but his panels of Calvin and Hobbes’ summer break hi-jinks are unforgettable. We’ll go […]

  • Four Panel Friday: SpongeBob Comics – The Paul Karasik and R. Sikoryak team up!

    Our SpongeBob theme continues… The joy of the SpongeBob Comics Treasure Chest is in the variety of writers and artists telling SpongeBob stories in their own style. Like other “best of” collections it opens up the possibilities of discovering artists and writers you weren’t familiar with. That said, Paul Karasik and R.Sikoryak’s cartooning skills are […]

  • Four Panel Friday: SpongeBob Comics, James Kochalka edition

    Tolstoy. Melville. Dumas. Kolchalka. Yes, the classics should be read, must be read. But in-between reading the classics, SpongeBob Squarepants comics have their place. Especially SpongeBob Comics written and drawn by James Kochalka. Sidenote. SpongeBob the show first dropped in 1999! From: SpongeBob Comics: Treasure Chest By: James Kochalka

  • Seth’s storytelling advice to Noah Van Sciver. And you too, if you’d like…

    Write about losers and loners. Don’t get dragged down that road of trying to resist your natural inclinations. Seth Noah Van Sciver has a YouTube channel. Yeah! The prolific cartoonist generously shares his works in progress, conversations with colleagues, and on occasion, words of encouragement. A few days ago he read a letter of storytelling […]

  • Four Panel Friday: Aaron Linton’s Found Object Comics

    Aaron Linton? A mystery. His website is simple. A two page nav – Images and Contact. No “about me”. No “start here”. I dig. No Twitter. No Facebook. Not even instagram. I dig even more. Only a collection of stunning images assembled with mixed materials. His art is like stop motion animation on pause. Have […]