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Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 18: Antioch Church

The handed painted sign of the Antioch Church in downtown Dallas is a beacon of leading craft.

The shapes, a cross and an arrow combined, are simple. But I stand in awe at how the designer/painter (I really hope they’re the same person) set the leading so precisely. The spacing between the letters is set to near perfection.

But remember, this is the side of a brick building. Not a collection of Photoshop layers.

There’s no control z. A mistake at this scale is a physical cost. A cost the designer/painter was willing to bear.

Art Design graphic design

Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 17: Product of the North

It’s hard to believe, but Product of the North is a company that specializes in one thing: Diaper Bags. But looking at their wordmark and logo, it has the feel of a rugged wilderness brand, rather than a young millennial parent brand.

Their wordmark and fox logo are unified. The designer chose to establish the wordmark hierarchy by rounding the word Product over the rest of the design. He or she then halved the font size (eye balling that) for the less important of the. And then wrapped it up with a full sized North.

The fox in the logo below looks young, but isn’t cute. Which helps reinforce the brand’s mission, creating a diaper bag that men feel comfortable carrying around as much as women.

One word for this design? Unified.

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Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 16: LAFC Crest

As the MLS season opens this weekend, I thought we should celebrate with the LAFC crest.

This is one of my favorite football crests, period. The Pitch Black (#000000), California Gold (#c39e6d) color scheme stands out amongst its MLS counterparts. And as I mentioned before, I can’t resist a logo with a well placed “wing”.

When tasked with designing the crest of Los Angeles’ new soccer team, designer Matthew Wolff dug into Los Angeles’ cultural past. What’s amazing is how much of her cultural past he fit into the mark.

The “wing” is a nod to the City of Angels, Aztec Eagles, and Art Deco symbolism. The gold and black palette gives off the air of L.A.’s grit and glamour. And the wordmark is inspired by L.A.’s Art Deco architecture.

A brilliant design, one worth reflecting on often.

Check out Matthew Wolff’s design inspirations for LAFC’s identity here.