Architect Peter Cook on painful drawing

I was really not a good drawer. I wasn’t the worst in the class, but I was by no means ever the best in the class, whatever class. Even in the little architecture school there were five or six people who could draw better than me. They could certainly draw trees and birds and you know, all that stuff. I was a rather painful drawer.

– Peter Cook

Inspiring to learn architect Peter Cook was not the best artist in his classes growing up. He toiled to improve his drawing. He called himself a “painful” drawer.

“I’m still not fluent. If you were watching me drawing then, I’m using a straight edge. I’m using aides. I’ve got lots of tricks of the trade by now.

– Peter Cook

Fascinating how Peter describes drawing like a language. He uses the word “fluent”.

He still believes he’s not “fluent”. But Peter is open to using tools to overcome his artistic limitations.

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