Patrick Collision’s “Fast” list

An inspiring list of world changing projects completed quickly.

Our favorites?

  • The Spirit of St.Louis: Charles Lindbergh piloted and help design the plane. 60 days!
  • The Empire State Building: The name alone – Empire state. Full swagger that. Not only was the Empire State Building built quick, it’s stood the test of time. 91 years old and it still stands, straight backed, imperious. Also impressive, the builders – Starrett Bros. & Eken didn’t own any equipment during the bidding process:
  • TGV: Every country, and every state should have high-speed rail. The French completed the rail link between Paris and Lyon in 1,975 days. Compare that with California’s high speed rail project connecting San Fransisco and Anaheim. The project began in 1996 and is estimated to finally be completed 2033. 37 years!

Read the list in it’s entirety here.

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