Tom Sachs’ 10 Bullets. A guide for for studio employees

The rules of an organization can be fascinating.

  1. Work to code
  2. Scared space
  3. Be on time
  4. Thoroughness counts
  5. I understand (Give feedback)
  6. Keep a list (your list is your future and past)
  7. Reset (Always be knolling)
  8. Leather face (take responsibility for your mistakes)
  9. Persistence

Most employee manuals are given short shrift. How many have you read in your lifetime? 5? Wow ok. You’re a better person than me.

But this list, this guide, from Tom Sach’s studio is applicable to any place of work. Each bullet is clear and actionable.

Below are what ideas came to mind for a handful of the bullets (see corresponding number)

1. Creativity is built on constraints

5. Seek feedback from the person with the most refined taste and/or sharpest eye for detail. You will feel insecure, but your project will improve.

7. Keep a to do list. Lists help. Lists are awesome. See here and here.

9. Persistence wins. Keep going.

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