Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 14: Mediterranean Shipping Company

I’m not sure why, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this logo was the East India Company. Maybe it was the rust on the shipping container. Maybe it was the word “Mediterranean”. But the two companies are not even close in age or stature. Still, MSC is interesting in her own right.

The Mediterranean Shipping Co is a global shipping and logistics company headquartered in Switzerland, not the Mediterranean.

Their logo is effective in two ways.

  1. It evokes feeling. The thick navy fonts of the M, S, and C feels strong, reliable. It says We will deliver your shipment across any sea. The wavy line under the M reiterates MSC‘s nautical business.
  2. It’s clear. It’s simple. It scales. The fonts are readable at any size. You can scale this logo up to display on the side of a shipping container. Or scale it down to fit on a truckers hat. At either size the logo would be readable. And you’d know for certain, this is the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

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