Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 20: 1836 Farms

1836 Farms began in Switzerland in yes, you guessed it, 1836.

Over the century, this organic dairy found its way to Terrell, Texas. They’re unique in that they continue to distribute their milk in glass bottles. Both for better insulation and environmental sanity.

Ok. Two things.

The use of a glass milk bottle silhouette on the cow’s blaze is a great use of negative space. We’ve seen this negative space form before. And we’ll see this form again. But if you have the opportunity to capture a brand’s identity with only two layers (looks like only two layers. Again eyeballing it.) you take it!

The wordmark is a well executed example of contrast. The bold 1836 that frames the silhouette is followed in the hierarchy by the all caps, but lighter serif font at the bottom.

Question: Do you think it’s two different fonts? Or the same font switching from bold to light? Difficult to tell since the top text is numeric and the bottom is letters.

Nothing original here. Negative space, contrast, and clear hierarchy. But with a glance we know what 1836 Farms represents.

Well done!

Post Script:

Don’t forget the feels!

This logo/word mark combination stokes the feeling of a time when daily dairy delivery was taken seriously.

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