Graphic Design In the Wild – Day 29: HERO typewriters

Hero typewriters are a Chinese typewriter brand. Originally known as the Flying Fish PSQ, they were rebranded Hero in the 1980s. The logo’s designer, like many of these we’ve profiled in this series, is unknown (if you know please reach out.)

The Hero logo stands out because of its variety of shapes.

  • There’s the rectangle that frames the “ero”.
  • The “H” which looks like a small person finishing their morning stretches has four shapes – the “H”, the arm cubes, the small house shaped silhouette inside the arm cubes, and the vertical space-bars on each side of the “H”.
  • Finally the oval pulls all the shapes together and gives them a structure to live.

The designer also incorporated Chinese characters and English letters. One could assume this is the word “Hero” written in Chinese, but no need to assume here. Incorporating two languages and two typefaces in one logo is a rare graphic design feat.

For all you typewriter junkies out there check out these two additional articles on Hero typewriters:

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